MPO/MTP cabling

Optical fiber connector

Optical patch cord

Fiber patch panel


Fiber optic cable

Fiber optic splice closure

Fiber optic couplers/Splitter

Fiber optic adapter

Company profile

   The Fiber Adapters is one of the most commonly used and very necessary product use in he fiber optics network, it is used for connection between various fiber connectors,fiber patch cord,fiber pigtail and fiber optic equipments, it offers the point to point connection the fiber optic network.
Standard fiber adapters(mating sleeve Fiber Adapters) allow users to couple from one fiber connector type to another same type.
Hybrid fiber adapters allow users to convert from one fiber connector type to another.


ST simplex fiber optic adapter

FC fiber optic adapter

FC-SC hybrid adapter

SC female-male attenuator

MU female-male attenuator

LC female-male attenuator

FC female-male attenuator

SC APC fiber optic adapter

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